Did you know that a square meter of the sun’s surface shines brighter than a million light bulbs?

UV radiation is always present!

All year round, all day, in winter or summer, on sunny days and even cloudy days.

We all know that UV rays can damage the skin, but exposure to UV radiation is also harmful to eye health. Despite being invisible, long-term exposure can cause serious harm.

A UV camera revealed what is invisible to the naked eye.

Don’t put your eye health at risk.

The skin, eyes and the area around you are very sensitive to UV radiation. Most of us know that UV radiation damages the skin, causing premature aging, wrinkles and, in extreme cases, skin cancer.

But prolonged exposure to UV radiation can also cause various eye diseases, such as cataracts, macular degeneration and aging of the skin around the eyes.

48% of blindness worldwide is caused by cataracts

UV rays between 380 and 400 nanometers (nm) are very intense and are responsible for most UV-related eye damage.

This is why the World Health Organization recommends protection up to 400nm. But despite this, 80% of all clear lenses on the market are not full UV protection.

ZEISS sets a new standard by adding, to all clear lenses, an index of protection at the level of the best sunglasses: total protection from UV rays up to 400nm.

Maximum protection on all clear lenses. All day long. Every day.

Protect your eyes and your skin!


As plants cannot open themselves in the shade, they owe their own sunscreen, activating the receptors through UV-B rays.