When we talk about driving, we must be aware that vision is the most important sense, it is through it that we perceive our surroundings, and a bad visual health can lead to road accidents.

A driver with reduced vision needs more than 3 seconds to identify, for example, a sign on the road. And, if these drivers had good vision, it could prevent some of the road accidents from happening in Angola. However, the habit of resorting to a specialized team in Optometry or Ophthalmology is not present in the reality of everyone, who, by being unaware of the main symptoms and warning signs of our vision, end up compromising their visual health and, in this case, placing themselves at risk on the roads.

As some of the warning signs that drivers should be aware of, we highlight the difficulty in seeing far or near, focusing on objects on the road such as traffic signs or obstacles, blurred vision or eye strain.

In the world, 285 million people suffer from moderate or severe visual impairment and, therefore, it is essential that the population monitors the condition of their eyes as many of the problems related to vision are avoidable and can be prevented or treated when detected early.

Consulting a visual health specialist and undergoing optometry or ophthalmologist exams is the only way to prevent and minimize possible refractive errors and improve drivers’ vision.

To feel safe on the roads and reduce the number of road accidents, we must ensure that our eyes are able to take control of driving.