Did you know that the idea that sunglasses only need to be used during peak hours or when the sky is open is incorrect? Ultraviolet radiation is present every day of the year and can severely damage the eyes if they are not well protected.

In addition to being seen as an accessory, it is important to take into account that sunglasses are the only ones that protect our eyes against aggressive factors such as UV radiation.

Currently, it is possible to buy sunglasses practically everywhere, however, the factor that is usually overlooked when the purchase is made in street shops or in non-accredited stores is the quality of the lenses. It is important to note that, when we make this purchase on stores that are not specialized in the optics sector, we are only purchasing sunglasses with colored lenses, but which do not have any type of protective element.

Although the eyes have their own protection mechanisms against UV rays, this protection is not sufficient due to the intensity and time of exposure to which we are subjected. That’s why you should look for accredited specialists in visual health, who can advise you on which certified lenses are capable of blocking part of the light and ensuring less damage to the eyes, allowing you to obtain greater clarity and comfort, in addition to helping to prevent diseases such as cataracts, the incidence of which is quite high in the Angolan population, due to the great sun exposure to which they are subject.