Did you know that vision is one of the senses that provides children with the most information? It is essential in their growth and learning process and, therefore, a correct diagnosis and treatment of their visual needs are fundamental to children’s academic success.

The perception of problems related to visual health may begin at school, so teachers must be alert to possible warning signs that the child shows to prevent them from having difficulties in the subject and from being unable to keep up with their classmates. At home, it is also necessary to pay extra attention, parents should try to identify some signs of vision problems and consult an ophthalmologist and/or optometrist in order to treat them as quickly as possible, and not compromise their vision.

When returning to school, it is necessary to raise awareness in the community about the importance of identifying symptoms such as:

  • Constant need to get closer to the school board or the television;
  • Headaches after reading or looking at digital screens;
  • Sensitivity to light;
  • Constantly rubbing your eyes;
  • Difficulties in understanding texts and images in books;
  • Watery eyes and inflamed vision.

Parents should regularly take their children to certified opticians such as Centrooptico to assess their visual acuity. The first ophthalmology consultation should be carried out before the age of 3 or 4, in order to detect defects that may go unnoticed. Subsequently, a routine consultation should be carried out every 2 years, if the child does not have major problems. Children with myopia or other visual problems should be seen every year.