We have developed the Centrooptico® Academy and are proud to train hundreds of leading professionals in the sectors where we operate.

We are committed to valuing and qualifying our human resources, through continuous training and increasing their education. Our specialization program in Optometry, impacted three dozen employees, sponsoring their training IN THE Optometry Technician Course, from the Technical School in Health in Luanda, providing mentoring and support in the study, culminating with the completion of the internship and integration into a new professional category.

At the Centrooptico® Academy, we focus our employees’ training initiatives, focusing on strengthening technical skills, with a strong practical component, transmitting the knowledge that supports the practice of roles such as Sales Technicians, Optics Technicians, and Optometry Technicians and Optometrists.

We develop tailor-made programs and training, in response to the needs of the function and the characteristics of employees. All of our professionals undergo a mandatory training process in order to prepare teams of excellence and guarantee the highest levels of service.

In this context gained skills and valued their professional path:

  • 15 Store Heads
  • 18 Heads of Sale
  • 16 Optometrists
  • 30 Optometrists Technicians
  • 108 Sales Technicians
  • 18 Laboratory Technicians
  • 24 Cleaning Maids

Our in-house tram of trainers constantly promotes thematic programs, the sharing of experiences and consolidates the value and the culture of Centrooptico®.

We are currently a team of 300 highly qualified professionals with a common passion: taking care of visual and hearing health.