Corrective Glasses


Whether they are rimless models, with closed or half-rim, at Centrooptico® you will find endless possibilities of formats, colour and design, as well as materials of the highest quality, from the best international brands with guaranteed authenticity.

Know what types of glasses materials and what are their advantages


The material is a derivative of noble plastic that fits easily on the face, as it has no tip on the rods or platelets. The variety of acetate colours is incredible! When you see a frame with a more differentiated colour, or with several mixed colours, it is because it is made of acetate.

Acetate is a material very resistant to scratches, drops, oil, grease and water.


Metal frames are among the most produced, due to the ease of handling for different formats, in addition to being among the lightest on the market. However, many frames of this material contain nickel in its composition, a substance that can cause allergy in some people. If this is the case, better to choose another type of frame.


Titanium is one of the most resistant metals in the world. The glasses made with this material are very resistant to impacts, erosion by salt or acids, to oxidation when in contact with water and moisture. If you are looking for glasses that last a long time, choose a titanium frame!


The wooden frames are ecological, when discarded, decompose much faster than any other type of material used in glasses. One of its great advantages is that one model will never be the same due to the characteristics of the wood, so it has a concept of exclusivity and in addition, they are resistant to water and falls.


There are several types of non-metal materials that are used in the manufacture of frames, mostly for sports and professional use. These materials are often considered to be inferior, which is not true! This type of material has a wide range of benefits for the products and for those who use them:

  • Grilamid
    It is lightweight and offers greater rigidity to the part. Suitable for sports sunglasses because of its excellent fit on the face.
  • Propiato
    It can be combined with metals and has greater elasticity.
  • Polycarbonate
    Indicated for the use of industrial safety glasses and during the practice of extreme sports. It has high impact resistance.
  • Carbon fibre
    Super light adjusts more easily to the face, but in most cases, there is no repair for the part if it becomes damaged.
  • Optyl
    Heat resistant, it is lighter than acetate and allows for several variations in colour and texture.
  • Triglamid
    Material that has low moisture absorption and greater resistance to chemical agents.

At Centrooptico® you will find a wide range of graduated and non-graduated protective glasses for more aggressive work environments such as laboratories or simple workshops.