Ophthalmic Lenses – Tips


So that you can enjoy your glasses as long as possible and so that you can continue to see clearly through your new lenses, correct care is essential.

  • Microfiber cloth instead of T-Shirt?
    Do you sometimes get kitchen paper or handkerchiefs to clean your glasses quickly? Unfortunately, this is not a good idea, because the included thick cellulose fibres work like sandpaper. And sooner or later the lenses will become unusable. It is preferable to use special microfiber cloths, which you can obtain from Centrooptico®.
  • When travelling, always use an eyeglass case
    At home, you can put your glasses in a safe place - naturally with the lenses facing up. However, when travelling, it is better to keep your glasses in a rigid glasses case than in your pocket, unprotected suitcase or hair.
  • If your glasses need adjustment, consult us..
    Only a specialized technician can guarantee a safe adjustment for your glasses.
  • Clean your lenses with your own cleaning liquid, water or mild soap
    Always dry the lenses with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Always put on and take off your glasses with both hands and always place them on the table with the bow folded and facing downwards.
  • Never leave your glasses under a heat source, such as a car windshield, on the beach in the sun, etc.
  • Avoid contact of the lenses with perfume, lacquer and household cleaning products, as they are abrasive and damage the frame and lenses.