Silhouette has a long tradition of producing classic and innovative glasses in Austria – a tradition that dates back to 1964. Its production philosophy, combining art and an emphasis on manual work, is similar to that of a craft industry. This is how the company manages to produce unique and exclusive glasses, which fascinate and surprise with constant innovation. Excellent design and high-quality materials create unique looks that express the individuality of each person who wears a Silhouette.

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Silhouette glasses are synonymous with quality, design and innovation, passion, individuality and lightness. From the beginning, which pursued a vision, valid until today: to create the most beautiful glasses in the world. And it always puts its soul and heart to work to turn that vision into reality.

The unlimited possibilities of shape, colour and design express what makes a pair of Silhouette glasses unique: your personality.

Innovative materials and pure design define the unmistakable lightness of Silhouette glasses.


Protecting the eyes has always been the brand’s top priority and the most vivid example of this is the patented Silhouette Light Management® technology. This innovative technology produces lenses with sun protection that create a perfect visual experience. Unlike conventional lenses, Silhouette Light Management® lenses do not darken the field of view. Instead, they filter out interference from the colour mix, which allows you to see bright, high-contrast colours. In addition to offering anti-glare protection, Silhouette sunglasses block harmful blue light and UV rays.

Some models also include polarizing filters that block light on reflective surfaces such as water, which are particularly advantageous for athletes and pilots.

All of these features combine to create a comfortable and safe visual experience.


With the Atelier Collection, produced in Austria, Silhouette shows its dedication to manual work with incomparable quality. Created with patience, precision, passion and decades of experience, its production team is among the best and brightest in its field, using high precision techniques. The result is truly a work of art, incorporating timeless beauty and elegance.

These masterpieces are the result of exceptional design with luxurious materials, methods that are continually being refined and meticulous attention to detail.

With the Atelier Collection, Silhouette creates projects that achieve the perfect balance of functionality and elegance, lending an aura of discreet refinement to any user. This collection offers a wide range of options, allowing users to create timeless individualized glasses that bring luxurious understatement to new levels. For the brand, fair trade is not a trend, it is part of who they are.