Sunglasses- Tips


  • Recognize the model and the manufacturer
    The reference corresponding to the model and brand of the glasses manufacturer can be found on the stem of the pair of glasses. This is yet another guarantee of manufacturing quality, resistance and the model's veracity, important when you want to buy new glasses.
  • Glasses protection factor
    Although the eyes have protection mechanisms against UV rays, this may not be sufficient due to the intensity and time of exposure. Thus, when the sunglasses are of quality, they aim to protect against ultraviolet radiation, blocking part of the light and guaranteeing less aggression to the eyes, which prevents diseases and promotes greater clarity and comfort. It is important to take into consideration whether the glasses will be used on a daily basis, on the beach or for sports, as each model, material, size, colour, filter and type of lens has an appropriate specification.
  • Not all sunglasses have UV protection
    Imagine that you finally got to the beach and found that you forgot your sunglasses. Then a street vendor appears and you decide to buy new ones. However, this is not a good idea, because coloured lenses do not necessarily have UV protection and cause double damage to the eyes: as a result of the shadows that fall on the eyes, the pupils are enlarged. This means that even more UV light can penetrate the eyes without protection. It is also very important that you try to buy sunglasses in stores that are reliable and that always have a certificate of origin.
  • Choose the colour of the lens appropriate for the situation
    Regarding the colours of the sunglasses' lenses, these should also be analysed, the brown colour and the smoked ones are more recommended for bright days, highlighting the details and the contrasts.
  • Consult the Optometrist
    The Optometrist in addition to assessing visual health can help in choosing the ideal sunglasses. The glasses are very personal and unique pieces, and therefore, they must be combined perfectly with each lifestyle.
  • Know the importance of polarized lenses
    In the case of people who spend a lot of time exposed to light, for example, people who practise outdoor sports or spend all day driving, it is important that they know how to choose the lenses correctly. So, for this situation, the most suitable choice is polarized lenses, which prevent glare and make images much sharper and with more contrasts.
  • Wear glasses that don't fit well in the face
    In addition to choosing the right lens, many people find it difficult to choose sunglasses that fit the face best. The tip is to avoid choosing models that are too far away and that have small lenses, as it is important that there is not a large space between the face and the frame, mainly because ultraviolet radiation enters sideways.