The ZEISS brand is synonymous with innovation and high technology, the world leader in precision optics, combining technical knowledge and innovative ideas in exceptional visual experiences.

Centrooptico® is the exclusive representative of the Zeiss brand in Angola. Visit us and get ready to be surprised by solutions that are much more than lenses!


From now on, you can count on maximum UV protection in ALL colourless organic lenses from ZEISS. Every day, throughout the year, prolonged exposure to UV radiation harms our skin, but also our eyes. Because your eye health is our greatest commitment, we offer the solution that will guarantee the protection of your eyes. Exclusively at Centrooptico®.


The ZEISS visual test that makes a difference.

Determine your personal visual habits and find the ZEISS custom lens solution that’s right for you, show you the challenges your eyes face every day and what ZEISS ophthalmic lens solutions can help you overcome them.

The information you provide about your lifestyle results in a Visual Profile that will help our technicians to give you the best advice on your next appointment. In combination with the results of your visual examination, you will receive a ZEISS ophthalmic lens solution, which has been perfectly adjusted to your lifestyle and visual habits.

ZEISS DriveSafe

Driving glasses for all occasions.

Good vision is a prerequisite for driving safely. On the road, our eyes work intensively, constantly changing the focus between the road, the GPS and the interior and side mirrors. Bad weather and low light conditions often make vision difficult. ZEISS DriveSafe lenses – monofocal or progressive – minimize visual stress while driving and facilitate the driver’s vision, so that you can reach your destination safely and without worries.